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I was referred to Raul after my wife and I relocated to Puerto Rico, and I’m very glad that we met. We were trying to open bank accounts and were running into some unforeseen roadblocks. Raul was able to help us navigate some challenges and ultimately got us on track and solved our issues. Now we have someone that we trust to help us with our tax and accounting in Puerto Rico and I will recommend him to anyone looking for a cpa.

Collin Knock

Payroll processing can be a labor-intensive chore, particularly for small businesses with limited staff.  The pressure to keep up with tax filings and make sure your payroll calculations are correct every time can be overwhelming.  If you are struggling to submit payroll taxes, pay different types of employees, and deal with direct deposits, we can help.  We provide efficient, reliable payroll processing at a reasonable cost, including direct-depositing paychecks, managing deductions, allowances, and withholding, filing quarterly and year-end state and federal payroll tax forms and making electronic tax payments, as well as comprehensive payroll reporting to help you manage your staff and run your business efficiently.  Our services are affordable, convenient, and include everything a small business requires to manage payroll.

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